Monday, May 04, 2015

Tinfoil Ted

From Album 5
An asshole AND a lunatic. Yeah, I know, not exactly news, but goddamn...


  1. Somebody needs to let Ted know that the gummint has been abusing the citizens of the USA for much longer than just six years. I'd be willing to say closer to 60, but then I am an old radical. I'd add the bit about being a US Marine and seeing combat in the idiotic Vietnam war, but those two just made me more radical.
    Empty Walmart stores? Really? Where? Is the economy in Texas that bad that they close down Walmarts? Wow, I had no idea things were so rough next door to the West of us. Well, no doubt Ted terrific will get that sorted out ASAP.

  2. I read one of the "theories" about the Wal-Mart closures is that they'll house Chinese soldiers...well, given the amount of stuff on the shelves that's made in China, I guess they'll feel right at home.

    More seriously, just. plain. nuts. And I thought they "supported" the military...oh wait, right: it's the Obama military. Christ.

    And considering how badly the treat veterans...

    Anyway, back to stuff. Have a good one.