Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
In Montana this week. Why? Watch this...or, if you're short on time, read this and search for Montana. And marvel at ... the sheer lunacy.

Back on Monday.


  1. Good luck with the yard work. Maybe it won't rain on you until the grass is cut.
    I agree on the older races on YouTube. My first memory of the 500 was on radio. Dad wasn't very big on racing, but we did listen to the 500 every year. Never went to it. I remember KTLA, TV channel 5 in Lost Angeles showed races from Ascot Park on Sunday afternoons. May have been Saturday, but Sunday seems correct. Jalopy races on dirt. All in glorious black & white, it was 1960. My first real racing was drags at the old, original Irwindale track. Now that was really great, was a teen at the time. In SoCal, drags were tops then. I did attend some races at the old, now gone Riverside road course also. Went to the 500 mile race at the now gone Ontario track. Don't remember who won, but the big name guys were still racing, before Mark Donahue got killed racing F1. Probably 1973, not long after I was done being a Marine.
    I hated to see wrecks and when drivers were killed racing, it made the next race a hard one to watch. So many of those people died but, they were doing what they loved to do.
    I'll watch the video later this weekend. Thanks for the links.
    Torture does not work. Never has, never will. You torture a person, she/he will say anything you want, just so you'll stop the torture. The "ticking bomb" that Mr. 5 deferments liked to yak about is only in the idiot movies.
    OK, I best stop as I am starting to climb onto that soap box again.
    Have a great holiday weekend. Hope you and Tigger enjoy some good home cooking.

  2. Thanks -- the rain held off long enough on Saturday to cut the grass, do some more tree branch pruning...good. Actually did "watch" one race yesterday, but was mostly busy with stuff while the race ran in the background. It was ok. Many years ago my dad took us to the Indianapolis race track -- his dad and stepmom were still living in Indiana at the time.

    Hope your weekend went ok. Over here more rain off and on. Less than I was expecting, but enough to keep me indoors. Oh well. Needed to do some indoor work as well...and mostly got that done. a little tired over here, so I'll keep this short. Take it easy.