Thursday, May 21, 2015

With An Endorsement Like That...

From Album 5
A former Fiorina staffer says they'd "rather go to Iraq" than work for her again.


  1. Michael,
    Nice to see you back at it.
    Well, now we might start to understand more about the decline of old H-P. Wonder, did she treat the folks who were still employed there this way. I find it very funny that as a CEO or whatever position she held, she was fired. Not too often that somebody that high up the food chain gets canned. One comment on the second link said something to the effect that since she lost that election, she figured they didn't deserve to get paid.
    I may be hit and miss myself for a while. This old iMac is acting odd. Might have to have it checked out and go back to the Windows based laptop for a short time. We'll see how it goes.
    Hey, our forecast says tomorrow is only 20% rain chances. Wow, might even see a bit of sun.
    Well, stay dry and take care. I'll be back as often as I can. Cheers to you and Tigger.

  2. Good luck on the computer repairs...I guess one recommendation -- forget about HP, though they've been second-tier, well, since Ms. Fiorina ran the show.

    As for losers not deserving to get paid, well...if that applies to campaign staffers, maybe it should apply to crappy CEOs...oh, wait, what am I thinking? And I'd bet if that would somehow happen, the howls of unfairness would wake the dead.

    Over here, I'm thinking it'll be rain most of the holiday weekend. Oh well. If I can get the grass done tomorrow, that'll be ok by me. And on Sunday I might even watch some of the race(s),'s far more fun to watch old You Tube videos of past Indy 500s, though mighty sad to see a great racer like Bill Vukovich crash fatally. Man...they ran at the absolute limit in cars that...good lord, were unsafe.

    Take it easy.