Monday, May 18, 2015

His Hat's In The Ring

From Album3
But the Pride of the Palmetto State's rhetoric is straight from the fainting coach.


  1. Yes, (sigh) I did see this bit about Lindsey being in the hunt for POTUS. Well, when all they have are nut balls and fools to run, what else can the elephant gang do? Not that the donkey gang is any better. Bernie? Oh please, he is NOT any real liberal or progressive. As one article at Counterpunch stated, he is just there to make sure all left leaning folks wind up supporting Hi-Larry. The article called Bernie a sheep dog, make sure the sheep follow the "leader".
    Well, no matter which wing of the war party wins, our young folks will be off to further slaughter in some hell hole/arm pit of the world. Yes, more useless damn fool wars of choice.
    As to the Friday comments, yes it has to be Larsen B. Man that is huge.
    I also agree 100% that we human could, still can (just barely though now as we have fooled around too long) still have lots of goodies and decent transportation IF we take care to reduce the impacts of global warming. Yes, I have faith in the inventiveness of people. Hell, we have made it this far since we dropped from the trees, so why not keep going longer? Oh, wait, we have become arrogant and are full of ourselves, what the old Greeks called hubris. Oh yeah, we sure do "know it all" don't we? LOLMAO! In our dreams!
    Hope you are feeling better. No problem if you need some days off from the blog. I'll just check every week day and see when you post anything new. My own blog has been very hit and miss the last year or so. Mostly miss as you have seen. The old blog was a real for for a long time, but it started out with nasty language. Still, for reasons I cannot explain, even to myself, my blogging has dropped of this last year or more. Maybe I just feel I have run out of much to say. It all seems like we have been here before, so nothing new, just different actors, same damn script. I'll post something at the soap box again, just never sure when it will be.
    Hey, stay dry this week, if you can. Our forecast has rain most every day this week, even through the coming weekend. Of course it is only Monday so that may change.
    Best to you and Tigger.

  2. Stayed dry today, but there was quite a bit of standing water in front of the Capitol, which is on my way back to the house. Damn. Could've been worse, though. And it would be if the knee-jerk "government is always bad" folks really had their way.

    Anyway...I am out today and tomorrow. Should be back Thursday. Take it easy until then. And thanks for stopping by and having something to say. It's most appreciated...and makes me think.

    Catch you then.