Tuesday, June 02, 2015


From Album 5
Well, Ted walked right into this one -- was never much of a fan of Lloyd Bentsen, but what he said to Dan Quayle applies quite nicely to the junior Senator: "You're no Jack Kennedy."


  1. Oh man, this is just too funny for words. JFK as a modern day member of the elephant gang? Ha, ha, ha, HA! Poor lil' Teddy has not even the faintest hint of a clue about the tax cut that JFK pushed for. Imagine, the BULK of the tax breaks went to the working class. Why for the current elephant gang types that is heresy, or even blasphemy. It surely IS sacrilegious and then some.

    As to your post yesterday, I cannot even begin to comment on Mr. 5 deferments without resorting to profanity now days. Also, I had a broken tooth pulled at 2PM yesterday and was not up to even trying to form a sane comment to the post you put up. Doing OK now, but seriously, the nicest thing I can say about old 5 deferments is that I wish he'd just go find some deep, dark hole, crawl into it and pull the dirt in on top of himself. The world is sick of him and his crap, well, I'll bet the vast majority of humans are damn tired of him. OK, I'll leave it at that. The old blood is starting to boil as is.
    Have a great week Michael, looks to be one without rain, finally.
    Cheers to you and Tigger.

  2. Well, after today's post, apologies...but damn if it doesn't make sense, if you can use that word about Dick, or at least it passes the (foul) smell test: of course he'd FUBAR it, setting the table for IS, and the whole sorry state of things as they stand. Truly a Dick...and definitely NOT some evil prince of darkness, but a buffoon and a shitbird. But oh, how the "insider" press loves him, which tells you everything you need to know about them...

    Yeah, am hoping for a spell of sunny weather, even if it is on the warm side...poor old Tigger needs another flea treatment, though. Don't tell him, haha. He's resting comfortably for now. Don't like the meds, but dislike the fleas more.

    Hope the tooth extraction is at least some relief. Haven't had any pulled -- yet --but alas, know how much a toothache hurts.

    Take it easy.