Thursday, June 04, 2015

So, This Guy's Running Again

From Album4
And he's just as likely to flail about this time, too.


  1. Yes, the clown car is getting crowded by the minute. Perry, the Huckster, even lil' Booby may announce soon. If I wasn't so sarcastic and cynical, I might actually be able to muster up a very, very minute bit of compassion for the piss poor elephant gang. Well, too bad, I am far too sarcastic and cynical do even try to do such. Also, if I even tried, I'd probably tops my lunch, from the day before yesterday even.
    I swear, we do not have a two party system. What we do have are two wings of one party, the war party.
    I DO miss being able to vote for minor party people, like the last election I voted in back in SoCal. Yes, the Peace and Freedom party. I never was bothered at all because they were socialists. Socialism could be a better program than the vile form of capitalism that the war party is deeply in bed with.
    OK, I'll end this rant for now.
    Have a great week, even joy the sun, but watch out for the high humidity we get with high temps in this state.

  2. Have a great weekend as well...a little busy here, but you're right about the one party system...that said, one's bad, the other's worse. I've got no illusions about Hillary et al, but...good lord, that Perry, Huck, Booby...any of em...would be considered "serious?" I wouldn't trust them to effectively run a lemonade stand in a monopoly market in Loosiana in July.

    Well, have a good weekend, Maybe next week won't be quite as busy round these parts...