Wednesday, June 03, 2015


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Sorry to recycle this picture -- again -- but the end of this Hullabaloo post...well, I'll spare you the suspense and get right to the point:

The author of this article (.pdf)  goes through the possible list of decision makers and comes up with this theory by process of elimination: 

Abstract.In May 2003 Paul Bremer issued CPA Orders to exclude from the new Iraq government members of the Baath Party (CPA Order 1) and to disband the Iraqi Army (CPA Order 2). These two orders severely undermined the capacity of the occupying forces to maintain security and continue the ordinary functioning of the Iraq government. The decisions reversed previous National Security Council judgments and were made over the objections of high ranking military and intelligence officers. 

The article concludes that the most likely decision maker was the Vice President. 

Would anyone be surprised to learn that Dick Cheney was instrumental in the creation of ISIS?


  1. No, absolutely not. There will be zero surprise when it is finally made known to all that Mr. 5 deferments IS the main reason for IS existing in any form at all. Of course he DID manage to totally screw up the Iraq invasion. Hell, they had that plan working as soon as W. Shrub was sworn in. Probably had the outline of it before the November election and were hard at work on it once the results came in from the nine (idiotic) supremes. That 200 election is still a sore spot, I'd still force Cuba to take all of Florida as permanent Cuban territory just for the 2000 election alone. Yeah, I do hold a grudge, well, I was a Marine damn it all. Got to stick to my own principles, too bad congress has none to even sit with, let alone stand up for.
    No troubles with the tooth. It had broken a few years ago. I was just trying to get a few other bills paid off before I had it pulled. Didn't want crown, too pricey for me. It never hurt at all, but it broke again about two weeks before I had planned to get it pulled. I have a great dentist. She took over from the original dentist who was also very nice and damn good at his work. The new dentist is a sweet lady and a damn good dentist. I told her and the old dentist that he could not have done better if he'd have cloned himself. She is not his daughter, but the way she does her work and her great attitude, she could be.
    Enjoy the sun while it lasts. Of course it will be accompanied by heat and high humidity, summer time in Louisiana.
    Hope Tigger takes his meds with minimal fuss.
    Best and have a great week. Oh, tell Tigger he can have an extra treat on me after he takes his flea meds.Yeah, it IS a bribe Tigger. I had cats for many years and know how to get them to take their meds.

  2. Yeah, once he stops displaying his extreme hurt/indignation, Tigger will get an extra treat. Usually takes an hour or so...I think I'll deal with this Saturday.

    Good on the tooth, well...good that you got it taken care of.

    As for Dick. Well...he'd never admit it, but yeah, I'm sure that, once he fucked up re: 9/11 -- no, they didn't know, and no, it's wasn't an inside job...they're too damn dumb to pull that off...and the other question is WHY DIDN'T they know? And the answer to that is because Shrub was probably too busy preening, prancing, and clearing brush for photo ops while Dick was helping his Enron buddies screw California during the faux energy crisis that summer...

    And so 9/11 happened...but, being sick fucks, they took advantage of the tragedy.

    I also don't think the disaster of purging Baath party members and dismantling the Iraqi army was anything more than...also a colossal fuck up...though even if they hadn't done that, the occupation was bound to be difficult-at-best. No, this was just another case of Dick being Dick, meddling in something he had no business doing...the fact that it probably made him a mint in Halliburton contracts was just a sick bonus.

    Last night I watched a PBS show about the "Ghost Army" of World War II. They built the decoys, etc., that allegedly fooled the Germans prior to D-Day, and also did similar things in Europe, post D-Day...but one guy (looked like the interviews were likely from several years ago...they looked a little younger than you might expect), anyway, one guy talked about how in/around Brest, they set up decoys to draw German artillery...and then an allied tank commander sent his actual units right into the maw. Cheneyesque, if you ask me.

    And, no, I don't expect anyone to be perfect. But...going back to Cheney, man, just about anything he touches, other than his obscene personal profiteering, turns to shit.

    Anyway...take it easy, glad the dental stuff went ok. And I'll take the sun for now. At least the yard work will get done without worrying about weather...