Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
Back in Havana, celebrating the end of a long overdue Cold War anachronism. Well, another small step towards ending it.

Have a good weekend.


  1. At long last, some actual good news recently. First, an agreement regards Iran and the nuclear program they have and will keep. Yes, it IS very restrictive, unnecessarily so I think, but at least it may put war off the burner for a while. Now, the reopening of the US embassy in Cuba and the Cuban embassy in the US.
    Long over due for both of these in my opinion. Actually, there was never any reason at all to put the embargo on Cuba. Well, sure "our" guy, the vile Batista, got tossed out on his ear, but still, Cuba was and is an independent country. Aha! THAT is why the US hadf to punch those people, independence is NOT allowed, only highly limited independence is what is allowed by the "master of the universe" in D.C..
    Well, as the old Chinese curse goes, may you live in interesting times. Man, we sure seem to be doing that and then some.
    Have a great weekend. Ah, a bit of rain might keep the temps down to tolerable levels. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Yes, the Iran deal is simply the best option under the circumstances. It doesn't mean we've become best buddies with the mullahs. It does mean that the reality is the reality: the sanctions are likely going to fade away over time anyway, and Iran itself, in my opinion, would prefer their existing non-bomb status in exchange for increased business with the greater world. They've already got regional hegemony, thanks to our meddling in Iraq...and no, they don't need to offset the other nuclear nation in the region, Israel. Duh: Pakistan would handle that in a heartbeat, if, god forbid, something crazy happened.

    Hell, this makes me wonder just what sort of fucked up world we'd be living in if the wingnuts had been around after World War II -- the Axis partners weren't exactly playing by the rules during that war...and, well, neither were we, I guess. But damn, we'd be in a mess if we hadn't bit the bullet and re-established a more or less normal diplomatic relationship with them.

    And Cuba, well...just pure ugly. Even my conservative dad knew the embargo was bad policy. some rain this weekend, but was able to do the yard work. Win, win. Here's hoping the week goes smoothly.

    Hope your pain issues have eased at least a little bit.