Thursday, September 03, 2015

Another Reason...

From Album 5
To ignore the undead, rotting corpse that is Zombie Dick Cheney.


  1. When Mr. five deferments talks, nobody should pay any attention. The thing is a war criminal and belongs in prison, pacemaker or not. And yes, damn straight, I'd have him making little rocks from big rocks from sun up till sun down every damn day. Yeah, I do despise his sorry hind end to hell and gone.
    Hope your weekend goes well for you and Mr. Tigger.
    Enjoy the holiday.

  2. Thanks. Hope you have a nice holiday as well. As for Dick, well...he's got to live with himself, and maybe he doesn't care or understand, but that's at least some measure of punishment.

    Probably should have done something with Netanyahu (almost spelled it Netanyaho, which is one "o" short of accurate). Saw something in Prospect today by an Israeli journalist noting that Bibi failed pretty badly in his campaign to block the deal. Good.

    I don't much like the mullahs in Iran, or pretty much anywhere, but international relations are international relations, and diplomacy is always preferable to war. So let's work out a deal...especially considering how shitty things have gotten in the region, thanks in no small part to our naive and stupid meddling.

    Well, back to stuff...take it easy. Might post something Monday, might not.