Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Here We Go Again

From Album 5
Another bite of the nothing burger. There are plenty of reasons to not think HRC is the Second Coming...but everything about this non-scandal is a front and center Exhibit A of the level of inanity...in no small part because, in the end, Clinton is as much one of them as anything. The fact that this is being beaten to death and then some -- without the least concern for consistency (she's hiding email -- she's exposing email -- it's personal material -- it's national security material -- Huma Abedin-- oh my!) -- is BECAUSE Clinton's otherwise a consummate Washington insider. Just like them. Clinton's a careerist -- just like them. In fact, the only difference, and it's exceedingly small, is that Clinton will likely, either by choice or by political pressure -- be ever so slightly less savage in dealing with, you know, all of us, than any of the nutjobs on the other side. And if anyone thinks Sanders or any of the Democratic Party alternatives wouldn't suffer the full treatment from the Villagers, well, two words: President Walker. And that's frightening enough to say the hell with the non-scandal. Oppose Clinton for all kinds of things: not immediately and forcefully opposing Keystone, or not restoring enough public funds to higher education, or any other honest issue to disagree on. But fretting over email is as bullshit as Benghazi. Besides, you know if utter dick Dick Cheney is on one side, we should be on the other...


  1. Oh no, not the Hi-Larry email crap again. Well, when you have nothing else, you go with whatever crap you can invent. I agree it is a real non-starter and YES, she IS an ultimate insider in the D.C. sewer.
    As to old Walker, the clown was reported in an article I read over the weekend as saying he wants another border wall. Seriously, he thinks a wall on the Canadian border is much needed to go with the Trump wall with Mexico. It looks like they are all going to try like hell to out loony lil' Booby Jindal. Well, time for PBJ to step up to the plate and do the absolute full frontal loony deal. Hey, he can maybe get the entire Duck Die-nasty clan to help him out with that.
    Have a great week. It was cloudy here today, no rain, but it was way cooler, very nice day to be out doors.

  2. Later, my thought was...President Cruz. Not that either will happen...and of course PBJ is even more delusional.

    No one is ever going to mistake Hillary Clinton for FDR...but again, this is bullshit. The Clinton Rules in action, which are puerile high school crap. The whole "logic" behind this is to try something, anything, to divert attention from the GOP train wreck...and appeal to the kewl kids in the press corpse [sic], i.e., hey, you don't want to get branded as librul (librul=nerd=wuss).

    It'd be funny, except that this isn't high school. And I wish they'd stop acting like it was...

    Well, back to stuff here. Again...just to note my new post -- they're actually talking about oiling up the old Romneybot/Romneyshambles. That won't happen either, but it underscores how desperate they are on that side. Romney...again? As the great lite hope?