Wednesday, September 02, 2015

This Is Their Secret Weapon?

From Album 5
Wow, and not that it's going to happen, but it's so bad in GOPerville, there's even talk of pulling out the Romneyshambles for one more trip around the block.

Think about that the next time you hear of "disarray" on the Democratic side...


  1. First off todays link. I trust the author WAS trying for funny. I say that since I am still laughing at what I read there. Mittens is ALL the GOP has left? Oh boy, they are in deep, very deep shit then. I did notice that he said that Mitt ran last time against a bunch of clowns. OK, true, but look at the current "line-up" the GOP has.
    Oh, poor Mitt had best take a big pass on running, no matter what those supposed pals are telling the author of that piece. Good grief, I'd possibly feel a tiny bit sorry for Mitt if he ever came up against the hair piece/Trump. Massacre is being way too kind for the end result, and Mitt would not be standing.
    Back to the post of yesterday. I agree with you on the high school/middle school crap. Also, damn straight, this is NOT high school. No sir, this is the real world and the chickenshit media had best get with it. The only time I ever see Faux Noise or even CNN is when I am at some doctor office/pharmacy/etc. where they have the TV set tuned to that crap. I prefer my news from trusted web sources. The kiddies, and I see them as children, who claim to be reporters are, at best, just note takers. Some have called them stenographers, but to me that puts down real stenographers who do decent and honorable work.
    Hope your week is going well.

  2. My own .000002 cents worth is that there's a vestigial element of the wingnut party that's rather embarrassed about how the base has gravitated to an obvious fraud like Trump, as opposed to your standard frauds like Mittbot. Trump of course threatens to crash the gravy train pretty big time, and I think the idle talk here is less about Romney himself, and more a kind of lame attempt to pull back a, I'm assuming they hope, Jeb! territory. Oh, they'll lose with Jeb! too, but at least their sinecures aren't as threatened...because, after all, for all their whining, bitching, and moaning, Hillary will do business with them. Sort of like how Humphrey only went through the motions in 1972 (I mentioned that the other day, right?). By the way, came across a nice documentary about McGovern on Amazon TV that I watched a couple of days ago. A real decent guy...and I didn't know Jim Bouton was a McGovern delegate. Always kind of liked Bouton...Ball 4 isn't nearly as controversial now, but, back in the day...

    Take it easy. Looks like it'll be rain this weekend, but if it clears up for Monday, I'll set the grill up and do the cookout thing.