Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Help, Help, They're Being Oppressed!

From Album 5
And here they are -- as good an example as any of sham "religion" trying to cover/shield nothing more than ugly tribalism. Sadly, they even look more or less "normal," at least to someone who lives where I do. But what's going on inside their heads isn't just ugly. It's wrong, on so many levels. And I don't mean stupid, though yeah, there's that. But they're also Just. Plain. Wrong.


  1. Hope you had a good holiday yesterday Michael.
    Oh joy, the nuts and their religious crapola. I quit any and all ties to religion at age 14. I told the Sunday school teacher the entire mess with the fruit of a certain tree was the fault of the doG who planted that boldly tree. I nearly got excommunicated. Dad told me I no longer needed to attend church or Sunday school. I know I mentioned Dad as my first hero before. Well, that day his status was elevated even more.
    I cannot understand this religious stuff at all. I my opinion, the belief this female person has for her doG is no more valid than a belief in the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny, nor any other make believe critter, like Santa Claus, usually just dad in a rented suit, but we never even had that, he'd put the gifts under the tree after we were asleep. I was OK with that as the sight of Dad in a Santa suit, well, I'll pass….LOL.
    Too bad this idiot is elected and cannot be fired. I suppose the country "needs" this sort of crap, it keeps many distracted from the real worries we face. Look at this state, holy crap, we are deep in debt, yet the legislature and lil' Booby still refuse to admit this fact. Look for deep cuts to higher education AND health care coming very soon to Louisiana. Unfortunately, too many will be focused on tis non-story to see it coming. This female person and her mess is just a huge distraction from reality. Yes,it is important, but I see it being blown way out of proportion to reality. Endless damn fool wars of choice, when do "we" start bombing Syria? Yeah, many, many other things way more important than this idiotic person and her belief in some make believe critter. I may sound harsh with this, so be it. At 67 I have next to zero tolerance for stupid, not that I ever had much to begin with. The older I get, the less tolerance for stupid I have. While she cannot be fired, she CAN quit. Then she could sit at home and spout her beliefs till the cows come home. I'll end now before I get really pissed off. (smirk)

  2. Oh, but they sure do love playing the victim...because, well, why? Because they can't use the power of the state to push their puerile "religious" beliefs? Beliefs that really aren't anything more than their pathetic aggression fantasies? Grrr...

    And yeah, they're going to continue the gutting process down here in the old Gret Stet, even as they shovel money hand over fist to their corporate donors. I'm sure the governor to be (ugh-probably Vitt) has a list. Meanwhile, the poor will continue to take it on the chin, and the slightly less poor will continue to be told to punch downward at them. Rinse, repeat.

    It hurts. Because, as I've said before, and as I'm sure you know, it doesn't have to be that way. Technically speaking, we're at least sort of a representative democracy. But too many people think small.

    Anyway...hope your holiday was ok. I did the grill thing, so I've got plenty of food...didn't get much else done, but taking a bit of rest was good. And I reread David Fitzgerald's Nailed: Ten Xtian Myths That Prove Jesus Never Existed. I liked it well enough.

    Take it easy.