Thursday, September 10, 2015

Not Exactly A Legal Eagle

From Album 5
More like a legal gooney bird. What an idiot.


  1. Is he trying to out loony Trump? He apparently has no clue at all about the Constitution and the amendments passed after the "War Between the States". I used that term as I would guess calling it the US Civil War is unlawful in Arkansas where the Huckster hails from. Holy crap! Stop and think for a second, Huckster was governor of Arkansas, right? Well, so was Billy Bob and Hi-Larry, or should that have been were? Ah well, any way you slice it, they all were in the governors mansion in Arkansas at one time in the recent past. And, we thought that Louisiana was a nutty place? I think our nearest neighbors to our North have this state beat and then some.
    Well, hope you have a good weekend. Relax and enjoy it.

  2. It'd be one thing if Huckabee was just trying to play to the rubes. But I think he really believed what he said. And that makes him a moron.

    Well...despite the Trump mania, I'm still thinking it's lesser of evil Hillary versus greater of evil Jeb! -- every once in a while I see reports about how at this time in 2008 old Rudy Ghouliani was all but ready to be 2012, Mitt couldn't shake...Santorum? And Herman Cain? Nah, the ones in charge of the clown show will nominate Jeb! and take their "lumps," which actually won't be particularly lumpy, because Hillary is merely the lesser of evils. And they can do business with that. Hell, it might even be better: keep up the scorched earth tactics, and hope for someone to mature enough by 2020 to take the White House...add the Congress, and it's a census/redistricting year. And presto: watch the gravy train roll on, with privatization of Medicare and Social Security front and center on the agenda. Yeah, they could tolerate four more years. They've haven't done too bad the last eight, and they've got the raging lunatics who think she and Obama are Satan incarnate.

    Sigh. We'll be the first global superpower to willingly embrace Banana Republicanism.

    As for the weekend, well...last I saw, we might even get some fall like weather on Sunday. If it rains tomorrow, and I expect it will, that means Sunday is yard day. But that's ok.

    Tigger says meow. And it was nice to chat with my pal last night. He's up in Boston, though we met in Madison...a long time ago, even though it doesn't seem that long. Just time doing its usual thing: flying.

    Take it easy.