Wednesday, September 09, 2015


From Album 5
So, they held a rally today in Washington...and the only reason why I didn't include St. Joan of the Tundra -- who I think also made an appearance -- is that there are only three stooges.

Hell, pretty much anyone attending could be counted as a stooge. And they acted the part.


  1. I probably need to start taking notes as I read so many web sites most days. I saw one last night that said how Trump is polling ahead of Hi-Larry in most demographics, including Hispanic and Black voters. Of course in high school grads (no doubt also high school or middle school drop outs) he is way ahead. The only demographic he seems to not be ahead is college degreed people of any skin color/religion. Funny, when I was a kid it was the working class folks who could spot the scammers better than college educated folks. That stems from supposed information that cults seem to attract better educated folks and not just those who finish or drop out at high school level.
    Trump has an appeal to the uneducated folks as he says out loud and on TV what they wish they could say. I think that is how he seems to have the tea party clowns in his pocket.
    Yes, there were only three stooges, but the GOP is full of them. Not that the donkey gang is much better. As you said before, the lesser of two evils. The things is, you still get evil. I seriously do not think we have two parties, just two wings of the war party which os totally beholden to big money, from any source. Oh, and I do mean ANY source of big money, yep, drug money is very welcome. Why not? They take in huge piles of cash from weapons makers/dealers.
    Once again, when the voting is over, not that our own vote count for much now days, we will be stuck with the evil of two lessers. You may be right that Hi-Larry is the lesser evil. As for me, I am still not so sure, may vote for some third party person, should one qualify for the Louisiana ballot.
    Oh crap, diaper Dave? My vote, right now will go to John Bel Edwards.
    Have a good week. Glad you got some rest and food cooked. Don't work too hard.

  2. Trump's just telling them what they want to hear -- funny how in 2008 you couldn't dare criticize the bestest, greatest, godliest country ever established on god's green earth -- but now it's central to Trump's schtick. Hmmm...

    Didn't see the polls you mentioned, but I'd take them with a shaker of salt or more...

    Actually got a rare phone call from a friend, so I'll have to be short. Take it easy.