Monday, September 21, 2015

Walking Off Into The Sunset

From Album 5
Another wingnut calls it a day...

Interestingly, this might be a tell -- Scott declined to go full nutzoid on the is-Obama-a-Muslim nonsense over the weekend.

Mike Huckabee's still on the Xtian warpath. Figures. Asshole.

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  1. Aww, now we no longer have little Walker to kick around any more. Poor us……LOL. Sorry Scott, nobody likes you very much. Too bad Wisconsin seems to be stuck with him though.
    As to the Hucksterbee, well, he is just one more reason that I only attend any church for funerals of family/close friends. If he represents Christians, then I will happily remain a heathen/pagan/atheist. I quit religion about age 14 when I said that the whole mess about that apple was the fault of the biblical doG. After all, that doG planted the damn tree, an all knowing critter would have been able to account for every possible outcome of the supposed free will he gave the supposed first two humans in the garden.
    On a different note, or as Monty Python would say, and now for something completely different------if a few more of the elephant gang drop out of the running and lil' PBJ can keep his campaign alive long enough, he just might get a spot at the big boy debate sooner than later. Now that would be one I'd arch, imagine PBJ standing on the same stage with the hairpiece/Trump. Oh man, that would be so much fun to see Trump take down PBJ. Hell, I'd bet if it were a pay-per-view, the folks showing it would grab a nice wad of cash. Wonder how many from Louisiana would pay to see Trump wipe the stage with PBJ?
    Hey, take some time off. Photoshopping five days a week, after a full day at your paying job must take a toll on you. Also, I bet Mr. Tigger will enjoy the extra attention. By the way, how is he doing now? Hope he was just having an off day last week.
    Well, enjoy as much down time as you need. Hell, I haven't posted to my blog in a long while. May try to work up a post some day soon. No promises though.
    Enjoy your week and give Tigger an extra ear rub for me.