Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
Support Planned Parenthood. Not Carly Fiorina.

Have a good weekend.


  1. First and most important, glad to hear Mr. Tigger is OK now. Cats, like people, can have off days also.
    As to Ms. Fiorina, I suppose she thinks(does she actually think?) she did a super job at HP. I ran across a headline at some site that said about 30,000 more folks at HP would be unemployed soon. Ah Ms. Carly, those legacy things keep following us around for a very long time.
    Why would any semi-sane adult human expect a real answer from anybody running for POTUS? She has a double dose since she was a CEO or some high ranking executive at HP and broke that once good company, ruined their hard earned reputation. She and the Donald should have a one-on-one "debate".
    Sorry, but even being tempted with having Rude Pundit do a MST3K type boise over of the recent "debate" could not get me to watch it. Hell, the primaries have yet to start. All the current and near future "debates" are just for show, as we used to call them, dog and pony shows. All smoke and mirrors, no substance at all. Of course cynical/sarcastic old me has zero hope that even if there are any debates between the final candidates, one from the donkey gang, the other from the elephant gang will be worth watching either. I still say the last real debate we had for POTUS was 1960, since then they have become sad jokes. Maybe debating skills are no longer taught in US colleges/universities. Either that or nobody who goes into politics has taken those classes and the "moderators" have no clue at all what a debate is suppose to be. It is all for show, flash and trash. OK, in that case Trump wins, he is the flashiest trash so far running for POTUS. I wonder, if he does win as POTUS, would he allow lil' Bobby Jindal to wipe off his hair piece when he goes to bed? Better yet,could he trust Bobby to do that for him?
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Re: Fiorina -- the best I've heard about her is the very real question: if she's such a good executive, how come no one -- repeat, no one -- has tried to hire her in the 10 years since HP managed to pay her enough to leave.

    Also -- I'd forgotten the snide remark she made about Barbara Boxer's appearance -- a snide remark caught on a hot mic. But she'll play victim to Trump's asinine remarks.

    What a piece of work.

    And now Fiorina's doubling down on the non-existent Planned Parenthood videos. Again, I just keep thinking of what if the tables were turned...except that, they are. The kewl kidz of the Beltway/Political elite journalism crowd are all aghast about the email and Benghazi non-scandals. If they gave Fiorina THAT treatment, oh, the wailing and howling from the elite Repugs would wake the dead...

    Anyway...might be taking a day or two off from posting. Just thought I'd give a head's up. Maybe it'll save you some time during the day -- probably nothing tomorrow and Wednesday. A bit of a break.

    Take it easy.