Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Carly Antionette

From Album 5
Paid staff? Let 'em eat cake...


  1. Don't misunderstand me here, I do have some compassion for the folks she owes money to, but I still think they should have checked her time at HP and the "great" job she did on that once proud company. It is incumbent on each of us to do our own due diligence before we work for some bloody egotistical crook like Ms. Carly.
    And some folks wonder why so many of us do not trust politicians? LOL, give me a break, please……………………….(this was intended to be sarcastic)

  2. True, but I've seen with a relative who's a freelancer that it can get ... ugly. Meanwhile, old Carly is definitely classic wingnut: rules don't apply to her.

    Sorry for the short comment. I think the flu is paying me a visit. Damn, this feels...lousy.

    Take it easy.