Monday, October 05, 2015

Right...Just Like Clocking In Each Morning...

From Album 5
Leave it to Texas to redefine human slavery in the US as a case of immigrant workers. Who happened to have no rights. None. Zero. Who could be bought, sold, whipped...and presumably killed without penalty, either by accident or murder. Conservatives might call that...the good old days.


  1. Yeah, OK, it IS Texas, but still, all I can say is WTF!!?????? Workers? Seriously Texas? I cannot add any more as my language might turn your blog into a sewer. This is beyond outrage and having been through a tour in the Vietnam war, I think I know a bit about that sort of thing.
    Sorry about the lack of comments, been down with some bug or whatever is making the rounds up here.
    Good old days? For who/whom? Oh, yeah the capitalists/slave owners, NOT the "workers"/slaves.

  2. No problem re: comments. Love it when you stop by, and I read what you say/type...and appreciate it. Get well soon.

    As for Texas -- think I've said this before, but...with folks like Ted Cruz, the various Bushes...Rick Perry...Texas is one "s" short of being accurate.

    Take it easy.