Monday, October 12, 2015

Oh, There's A Club Out There Alright

From Album 5
And you're not in it.


  1. First off, hope you have kicked that flu or whatever was trying to get you. Hope Mr. Tigger is well also. Best to you both.
    Yeah, it is the worst since pre-Watergate times. And yet some fools/morons still try and tell me that we have a democracy here in the US of A. Please, that is such a sick, very sick joke and it is not funny at all. We never were a real democracy any who, we did,once upon a time, have a democratic republic. Old Ben Franklin is supposed to have replied to a person who asked him what sort of government the country had once the Constitution had been ratified. His supposed reply was along the line of "A republic, IF we can keep it." Well, we lost it and the "nine (un)Supremes" made damn sure of that. Thanks loads, NOT, for "Citizens United" decision "supreme" court.

  2. Yep--for sale, best offer...sigh...and it doesn't have to be that way, but I repeat myself, don't I? least I am feeling more or less normal, whatever that means these days...and that's a relief. Hope you're doing ok as well.

    So, time to watch the lessers of evil...

    Take it easy, Tigger's comfortably doing the lap cat routine, so guess I can't complain.