Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Vast Wasteland

From Album 5
Change the channel, pull the plug...


  1. Oh, is lil' Rand still in the campaign? Yeah, that shows how close, as in not at all, I follow the elephant gang follies. As to the supposed debate last night, well at least there were only two folks debating. I still am certain the last real debate at the level of POTUS was 1960; Nixon vs. JFK. One has to wonder, if Tricky Dick had allowed them to do a makeup job on him, could he have won that election? Supposedly a big part of how he was perceived was his "five o'clock shadow". Well, in this particular universe, we'll never know. Now, if there are alternate universes, where every possible outcome does happen, in one of them, Nixon did win the 1960 election. Also, I hope in one of them the damn fool Vietnam war never took place and I went on to enjoy a long life in various machine shops.
    Glad you are feeling better. Sending an extra ear rub to Tigger also.

  2. Sadly, I could see Dick doing the same thing as JFK with Vietnam...I actually read somewhere that Kennedy confided to someone he'd vote for Nixon in 1960 if he didn't get nominated...but yeah, alternate history is only real in the alternate for Rand, oh, he's packing it in, even as he claims otherwise. Money talks, and Rand's running out. So's PBJ, hahaha. His latest FEC reports are...dismal. So, he'll also go out with a whimper...and presumably some sort of sinecure to keep him funded up for if, god forbid, a GOP prez is looking for someone to trash the health system at a national level.

    Anyway...back to stuff. Tigger needs his evening treat. Take it easy.