Thursday, November 05, 2015

Marbled Dick

From Album 5
So, a stone Cheney will haunt the Capitol building, at least until some future time when, like with the Confederate "monuments," it gets stowed away, not even useful for a doorstop. Or, if they want, it can go into an exhibit about hubris, arrogance, and criminal ignorance.


  1. No real surprise congress did this. Last I recall, congress critters were almost as well liked as used car sales folks and insurance sales people and telemarketers. Yeah, I despise Mr. 5 deferments, but that photo of him and the vile Lott was priceless. Birds of a feather and all that.
    Oh, I agree with you about the followers of Carson/Trump/etc.. Tribal union is close to the birds of a feather more often than not.
    Hope you and Tigger stay well.

  2. Well, again, thanks for the warm wishes for Tigger. Hope the wet weather doesn't cut too much into your weekend. Over here, I'll put off cutting the grass, though might be able to catch up on Sunday if it clears.

    As for Carson's followers...yeah, they're even blaming the media for his fudged story about West Point offering him a scholarship. Turns out his angry youth is also likely embellished...they'll blame the media for that too.


    Well, back to critter care over here. As I note above, he's a good and brave little guy. Better than his caregiver...

    Take it easy.