Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Tool Time

From Album 5
The reboot falls flat...or worse.


  1. First off, great photo of Tigger yesterday. Good thing you got to him first. Yeah, I'd have taken him home with me as well. Very good looking cat. Hope he gets well soon and has a long, happy life with you. Got back very late last night from a family emergency so didn't comment last night…too worn out. Old age, driving about 2 hours each way and enough rain to make it worse…..LOL. Yeah, Louisiana weather.
    So, "Jeb can fix it"? Oh yeah, like bak in 2000? Why, has W. become a governor again? Lil' Booby will be gone this coming January so no help from him. Now, maybe, may the gads help us all, if diaper dave is our new governor……. (Going to go against my instincts and vote for a donkey team member, John Bel Edwards) I usually don't vote for either of those parties, too independent.
    OK Jeb, just what can you "fix" then? Medicare? Social Security? Stop the damn fool useless wars the US/NATO are involved in today? How about a true national health care system, yeah like fully funded Medicare for ALL citizens? That would be one damn nice "fix" in my view. How about taxing the wealthy at a fair tax rate? You know, like how they were taxed back in the era of Ike? Yep, the 1950's when another elephant gang guy was POTUS. Oh, wait, I must be asking poor lil' Jeb to "fix" way more than he can ever imagine fixing. Ain't I a stinker?………Yes, I did like Bugs Bunny as a kid. Mel Blanc ruled then.
    Nice to have you posting again. Best to you and Tigger.

  2. Thanks for thinking about and asking about the little guy. Yesterday we did outpatient chemotherapy. So far, as good as we can expect: he's obviously a little ragged out, but he's eating and digesting normally. We'll see: it's still a daunting prognosis.

    Sorry you had to deal with a family emergency. Hope that's cleared or at least clearing up, especially having to deal with weather AND Loosiana drivers. That'd make me pretty ragged out. Hell, just the ten minutes to and from LSU is stressful, thanks to drivers that must get their licenses from a Cracker Jack box.

    As for Edwards v. Diaper, well, again, lesser of evils for me. Wouldn't expect much from either, but I'd guess Vitty might be even angrier and more prone to revenge if he manages to pull out a win, given that the cards are lining up against him.

    Meanwhile...I'm still amazed that Jeb -- oh, I mean Jeb! -- is this awful. Not that his dad and brother were much better, but Jeb!'s really been...a zero. Don't know if that's good or bad. I figured a Jeb!/Hillary race would go Democratic...don't know about the others. Carson's bugfuck nuts (today's post).

    Well, back to Tigger care. He's resting on my lap. Hoping for the best, obviously...

    Take it easy.