Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Trump Addiction

From Album 5
Might as well face it. True, Trump does have a sizable following by any estimate, and that's pretty disturbing: some 20-30 percent of one of the major political parties will happily go along with at best the political equivalent of a professional wrestling (shit) heel, more ominously, a bona fide proto-if-not-literal fascist. But, that said, Trump is like crack cocaine for the media -- probably the easiest way to attract eyes and ears in short-attention-span America...


  1. The media love Trump because he gets them ratings. I find it funny, not a ha-ha type funny, that CNN and MSNBC are the worst offenders in giving time to the Donald. Back when CNN started out, it was actually worth the effort to watch it once a day or so. I still remember we had the old big dish C-band satellite then and we got CNN International also. That was news with a non-USA slant all the time. MSNBC has been something of a joke for years now, my opinion. To be honest, I only watch TV news when I am at the doctors office/pharmacy and they have it on in the waiting area. I have even become very tired of BBCA on the cable channel here. I think we get less and less real news and loads more propaganda.
    Well, have a good week. Take care.

  2. Yes, that's exactly right, and sorry today's post and picture is just a follow up. But it's a fact: Trump is just following in the footsteps. Hell, as to the lying, forget if I mentioned this (probably did, but...)...we went down much the same path with George W. -- lying and smirking, insisting that all was well as long as the libruls were properly insulted, and that Iraq would welcome us as liberators before becoming dutiful little consumers. If Bush was history repeated as tragedy, Trump is history repeated as farce.

    All that said, I still don't think it will happen. Either Cruz gets the nomination or Repugs do what Bob Dole said he'd do, assuming he's still around on election day -- sleep in. Hell, Dole said he'd do that with Cruz as well, so...I'd say get ready for another president Clinton. And no, I'm not jumping up and down...but I would be making sure my passport is in order if, god forbid, either Trump or Ted somehow prevailed. Good lord, no. Clinton is just more of the same, but...after watching Bush Junior crash and burn, I'll take my chances on minimal competence and four or eight more years of gridlock. Sucks...but it could suck more, as I discovered much to my unpleasant surprise in sixteen years ago...

    Take it easy, likewise hope your week goes well.