Monday, December 07, 2015

What Hath Trump Wrought

From Album 5
Looks like the monster's awakening...


  1. Glad your weekend was OK. Up here the days are pleasant but the nights get cool. May get a bit of rain late in the week or weekend. Naturally, this being Louisiana, the forecast of today will be very different by Friday. Nothing like a cat purring on your lap or sitting next to you to calm you down. I have read that they will also purr when hurt or sick, but from my experiences with cats, that hurt purring is not quite the same as a contented purr.
    Ah yes, reading a cats mind…….good luck with that. I saw once that a for real occupation is cat psychologist. No kidding, it was listed as a real occupation. The first time I saw that I knew it had to be a joke/prank, but nope, it IS a real job. That would be my ideal occupation. Hell, even being as broken up physically as I am, I know I could be one of the best cat psychologists ever. Yes ma'am, your cat IS depressed. I suggest you buy him/her a nice ball of yarn/string and allow the cat to "have at it". Easy money. Of course I'd feel as dirty as one of those TV preachers, so I just stuck with being a machinist until my back quit on me. Well, I can still take a half way decent photo now and then. Must be the way Dad taught me, honest work is the best type of work. Cat psychologist sounds like a scam to me.
    Poor Donald, he is no longer number one in the polls. Hey, big deal, it is only Iowa, for now. Now, if he goes down to a loss there and then in the next primaries/caucuses, well, he can always do a Perot of run as a third party. Teddy called his the Bull Moose party, Trump could finally do some honest adverts and call his party the loon party. Or does Cruz have that name already trademarked? Poor Jeb, not even third place. Looks like the dynasty may have run out of steam.
    Ah well, 'Merikkka, what a country. Hope your week goes well. Take care.

  2. Yeah, I"m a little skeptical of any attempt to read any animal's mind. We just don't know, and we'll never really know. But I think behavior can be read, and even to some extent troubled animals can be helped by this...though a fair bit of that is less professional training and more common sense, i.e., just a good solid reading of behavior.

    Well...oh, just from my experience, I do know that Tigger purred both for contentment, and, unfortunately, when in distress last month. He was trying his best, but...I think he was able to hide his symptoms until it was, well, too late. But I don't know: even an early diagnosis wouldn't have been much better. I'm guessing things probably started to progress about six months ago, not that I noticed anything, and then when he finally displayed, it was just too far along.

    Anyway, sorry to go off on a tangent.

    As for Trump, well...I guess today he doubled down on trying to make the most outrageous statement...which is, I guess, his schtick: as I note above, the wrestling heel (or shit heel, if you prefer). And, just my opinion, but sure, there are a substantial number of people in the country who'd opt for a proto-fascist shitheel...fortunately I don't think a majority, but the 20-30 percent is there, and likely will always be around. They or their parents/grandparents voted for Goldwater, Wallace, Nixon, Reagan, both Bushes...oh, and come to think of it, everyone's outraged NOW about Trump's lies, when Junior Bush and Dick dragged us into all this with...lies and bullshit? Go figure.

    Well...time to grab a bite to eat and chill out. Another day tomorrow...