Friday, December 11, 2015


From Album 5
I'm pretty sure this is the original for most of the Photoshopped pictures that include him. It's from two years ago.

I think he was still getting used to the larger space. The sofa's sitting above what used to be a wall.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Great photo of Mr. Tigger.
    Sorry for the lack of comments the last few days. Been a bit rough of late. Sw pain management doc today and she has me set for some tests next week. Nuts. Was figuring to just get set for the next injection. Oh well, and so it goes……
    Have a good weekend. Looks like we may get a lot of rain Sunday. Stay dry if you can.

  2. No problem on stopping by, keeping your pain in check is far more important. Hope that gets taken care of. Over here am battling a small cold, fortunately not as bad as the one I had in October, but...

    Over here it rained Sunday night, but cleared up and was actually pretty nice today.

    Wish I could say the same about social issues...sigh.

    Anyway, that is a good photo of Tigger. Captures him: sweet, but...he'd let you know if he wasn't happy. But then he'd be just as good as you could imagine.

    Take it easy, and especially, take care of yourself. Have a good one.