Monday, January 18, 2016

Get The Lead Out

From Album 6
So, my little corner of the internet dedicates today's federal holiday to Rick Snyder. Way to go, governor. In your zeal to punish the poor even further, you've poisoned thousands...and cost taxpayers even more money.

Classic Wingnuttery.


  1. First off, government is NOT a business and should never be run as if it were.
    Ah yes, the crumbling infrastructure. Well, this is what we get for spending huge, actually obscene amounts of money we don't really have on damn fool, idiotic wars of choice. We have zero dolls left to maintain our roads, bridges, water systems, etc.. We have spent countless sums on damn fool wars of choice ever since 1945. Every single war this country has been in since then has been one we had no need to be part of. We could have had a real national health care system and even free education, up to four years of college or the equivalent for those who don't wish to go to college. Hey, we still need good plumbed, electricians, machinists, mechanics and all sorts of other skilled workers to maintain the country and our infrastructure. Not everybody needs a full college degree to be productive.
    Oh, wait, if we had done that and not gone off chasing after dragons to slay, Wally Street would not be rolling in obscene profits. Stupid old me. I keep forgetting where the 'real' priorities actually are, profit above all. Well, I still say old Karl Marx was not radical enough. Damn wimp actually…..LOL.
    Take care and I hope all goes well with this new administration in red stick.

  2. Well, one pleasant surprise today was that a major project/fix for a problem ended up working out. I won't lie: it wasn't me. I was just the guy who put in the call to our own tech support, and they fixed it. But it was a major headache that's no longer one. Good.

    But, as to major headaches: Snyder. I'll give him and the other wingers grudging credit. They crafted a simple message, one so simple that, well, simple people found it appealing. Government is the problem, because it takes their money...and gives it to "those" people. Hell, they didn't even have to say the last part. And people fell for it hook, line, sinker...rod...and reel.

    Government "takes" their money. Of course, these same people didn't realize that it's OUR society. And government uses money to pay for, well, good things...if we demand good things. Good roads, decent schools, CLEAN WATER, hell, parks, concert halls...the internet...even the systems that allow us to use cell phones, or fly in airplanes with reasonable certainty we won't collide with...another airplane, etc., and that's not even mentioning the other things the government does or is supposed to do (e.g., the Preamble to the US Constitution, the Necessary and Proper Clause, the Commerce Clause, General Welfare Clause, etc. -- I'm sure you know them, sorry to drone on)...but...some elements of the public are furious that, in the course of establishing civil society, yeah, poor people will get some consideration. Duh. Instead, in exchange for $50 dollar tax breaks they allow the super elite and the institutions to suck up all the money like oxygen from the room, leaving us fighting over the crumbs. It's very...very...frustrating.

    But as I've said before, I still hold out some hope. Despite the avalanche of negative, a fair number of people still think society is worth having, and worth paying for. Sure, he's also not radical enough, but Sanders speaks for a lot of people, myself included. Not a perfect representative, but I've long since given up on what I want in exchange for what I'll take. If he can move the debate a bit to the left, good. And I'll even accept HRC as a lesser of evils, if there's a chance that something positive could result. I'd settle for a restoration of public education funding. It's a start.

    Sorry to rant. But...and, while it's fucking scary how many people are suckers for Trump, I take small comfort in thinking that, even with a boost from corporate media, enough people will reject him. I hope.

    Take it easy.