Wednesday, January 27, 2016

So, Who's Gonna Blink First?

From Album 6
The Cowardly Lion or the Professional Troll? And imagine what the pundits would say if something similar occurred in the Democratic Party...


  1. Well, some days it is damn difficult to know if you should laugh or cry. On the one hand, Faux Noise and the Donald are made for each other. Sounds like there is big trouble in the Faux house. Poor Roger is about to get canned it seems. Old Rupert may have to take charge himself. Then lil' Bill 'O is out to defy his boss, Roger, and have the Donald on his show. Poor lil' Ms. Kelly….not. When you lay down with dogs, don't be surprised when you get up with fleas. I personally have no compassion for Trump or any of those who are employed at Faux Noise. Sorry, I just cannot be that 'nice' or dumb, your choice.
    And so it goes…………down hill fast. America, what a country.
    Take care.

  2. The Rude Pundit has a great post up with links to all the times Trump and Kelly gushed on about each other like Alphonse and Gaston...but hell yeah on all this. Let 'em throw hissy fits...pout...and drag each other down into the mud, preferably quite deep. And if it's quick sand, throw them an anvil.

    It's still a long ways from any real turnaround, but it'd be nice if they obliterated each other. Sadly, I doubt the country would change all that much -- too many of us, especially my generation (apologies on that) drank the Reagan-government-is-the-problem Kool-Aid, and they're so far in on that that no way they can be convinced (even as they benefited from things like greater funding of public education, less funding of prisons, etc. -- anyway they're lost...but the upcoming folks...what the hell? They've got nothing to lose...because they've got nothing but debt...and a globe that's warming.

    Well, anyway, off to the sad clown show. Yeah, I'll watch the debate...while I drink (and while I wish my options weren't limited to alcohol)...take it easy...slight warming trend tomorrow.