Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Um...This Guy

From Album3
Rumsfeld...still slithering around...


  1. Well, in my opinion, no saner even semi rational human would ever imagine that Runny would actually admit to a mistake. Remember, he once aid something about known unknowns and then the unknown unknowns and a whole load of other total bullshit. He is the icing embodiment of the old saying; if you cannot dazzle them with your brilliance, blind them with your bullshit. His sort are cowards, they never take any responsibility when things go wrong, but boy do they ever crow about how smart they are when even the least tiny thing goes half assed correct. Failure is an orphan, success has a thousand fathers. I'd say Rummy is an orphan.
    Stay warm, it has become a bit cold here. May be done with rain for a few days though.
    Take care, cheers.

  2. Yeah, it's on the chilly side over here, but again...there's a new furnace. I paid (through the nose) for it, so might as well "enjoy" it.

    Having Rumsfeld slither out of whatever hole he's been in -- to hawk, honest, an app called Churchill or Churchillian Solitaire -- couldn't be scripted. It'd be rejected as unrealistic. Theater of the absurd as political reality.

    Well...stay warm up there as well. The rain let up over here...looking forward to drying out a bit.

    Take it easy.