Wednesday, February 10, 2016

In An Uncertain World...

From Album 6's nice to know we can count on some things. Like Bill Kristol always...always...being utterly wrong.


  1. Old Billy just proves that some people DO fail upwards. How in hell can this guy get paid when he is so wrong so often. As many of the comments in the link you gave said, when has he ever been right? In the real world of actual working class folks, he'd have been fired long ago. No decent company would keep anybody on the job when he/she is always so very, very wrong.
    Hey, at least it is looking good for old Bernie, he won by a good margin in New Hampshire and got at least a tie in Iowa. Some claim he actually won Iowa, but the Clintstone dirt tricks gang messed that up and called it a draw. Not sure if that is true, but I'd not put that sort of crap past either Hi-Larry or Billy Bob Bubba. Sherie got me to break with my standard voting practice in 1992. She got me to vote for Billary back then. In less than six months after they took office, I sent them a letter stating how disgusted I was with their presidency. After 92, I went back to my third party voting and have stuck with it so far. Granted, I don't get to vote in many primaries since being listed as an independent disqualifies me from most primaries. Well, at least I can remain true to myself.
    I'd like to see Sanders get to be POTUS, but if he does, he'll have one hell of a job ahead of him.
    On a closer to home deal, it looks like our new governor isn't quite what many of us had wished he'd be. Still, it is very early days, but he did keep far too many of the old gang in offices. Reminds me of a song or two; "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss". Or the old saying, the more things change, the more they stay the same. I did see where lil' Booby gave his less than 1% support to Rubio. Maybe that is part of why Marco did so poorly in the primary in New Hampshire.
    Well, hope you had a good day off yesterday. Have a good week Michael.

  2. Well, as to JBE, damn, I missed his speech -- just kind of forgot until Kennedy was giving his zero "rebuttal" that even a NOLA Repug realized was crap (and a NOLA Democrat on the WWL live feed said it best [paraphrasing] "don't trust a guy running for federal office...especially since we just had eight years of a guy who was running for federal office" ). I read the transcript: under the circumstances...

    As for Sanders, he's got my vote, but I expect even he knows the deck's stacked against him. What he cam hopefully do is push HRC to the left a bit...I've long since lost actual hope and am mostly hoping, well, like what Clancy DuBose said during the commentary on the WWL live feed: get back to where we were (Clancy was talking about the Stelly Plan here in Loosiana, on the national level, I'd settle for restoration of public funding for education, infrastructure...)...

    As for Jindal and Rubio, hell, he knows how to pick 'em. Perry last cycle, Rubio this one. Speaks volumes.

    And just to round out my day, I didn't realize the Donald's making an appearance right down the street, as it were. Oh, the yahoos are out in full force, one even asking (while I took out the garbage) if he could park in my yard. I told him the office next door probably wouldn't mind, as long as he was gone by morning. Didn't feel in the mood to tell him what I really thought, i.e., if asked to choose, I'd take garbage over Trump any day. So, anyway, they'll all have a good holler/hate tonight...sigh.

    So, back to stuff over here. Tuesday's off day was good. Need to see what the specifics are with the $160 million in proposed cuts. Obviously hope it doesn't include me.

    Take it easy, hope the weekend goes well for you. Looks like down here it'll be a bit more seasonal after a rather warm day today...