Friday, February 12, 2016


Just doing his thing in one of his favorite cabinets...he had more than one favorite cabinet, by the way.

Also, Google is changing how photos upload, so things might look a little unusual until I get the hang of it.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Oh man, this photo brings back tons of memories of cats I have had the lea sure to share my life with. Cabinets, boxes, and hiding place they find. I remember countless times I'd go looking for a cat or three that I could not find in the house we were living in. I knew I had looked everywhere possible. After and hour of looking seriously and not finding the cat/cats, I'd just sit down, crank up the stereo with some good classic rock tunes and say out loud, well, when you get hungry, you'll come out and eat. Sure enough, in a short while there would be the missing furry critter(s). They can hide right in front of you and you will never see them. How they do that, well, it just proves to me that cats are an alien species…..LOL, just kidding.
    Fun times way back when we first got Sandy cat, the bedspread on our water bed hung down to the floor on both sides and the foot end of the bed. He liked to hide under that spread and wait for us to come to bed so he could attack our feet. The funniest thing he did was we had full length mirrored sliding doors on our bed room closet. He'd see his reflection in the mirrors and run into the closet looking for that "other" cat who was invading HIS space.He could do that for at least 30 minutes straight. We thought once he was older than six months or so he'd quit doing that. Nope, he continued for years, even got mama Patches and their kittens doing the same. It still makes me laugh to think back on that. He was our first cat after we'd lost Buffy due to the vet making a mess of neutering him. Sherie said no more cats and that lasted about four years. The loss of Buffy was hard on us both, but Sandy was such fun, we both were very happy we got him. He gave us 14 years of pleasure, and of course a few scratches and a bite or three, but he was a good friend and a good daddy to the kittens. Sherie decided to let him and Patches have one litter.
    Sorry to ramble on so long. Memories…….as an old song I still like says near the end; memories are like starlight, they go on forever.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Well, good memories...Tigger never stalked his own reflection like your cat Sandy, but he was VERY active in attacking pretty much anything and everything both as a kitten and well into maturity. Making the bed was his chance to really go nuts: he'd hide under the bedsheet...but you could see his (pretty sharp) claws sticking through the linen.

    His other favorite thing was to attack anything under...well, I was going to say a rug, but I don't have any, so anything under a flattened box, or old towel, or similar throwdown. For months either was a permanent fixture on the floor...another favorite was a ratty old chair made rattier by his clawing. When I tried to move it, he made a pretty decent protest/sitdown strike, though eventually it had to go after the A/C drip pan leaked and ruined it. Oh well.

    Cats are...well, quite cool, quite the balance of grace and goofiness, and just as loyal as long as you treat them with respect.

    Well, thanks for passing along your own good memories and letting me pass on a few of mine. I still feel real lucky he shared the house for as long as he did.

    Anyway...hope your weekend went well. Managed to cook and grill a lot of food, so I'm set for a while. Maybe that'll give me time to do other chores...though, damn, yard season's about to start, and may have started already. Might try to give it one more week, but...

    Seems like it's getting here earlier each year. Go figure.