Monday, February 08, 2016

So, The Rubio_Bot (Rubiot?) Sprang a Memory Leak

From Album 6
Not really ready for the big time...


  1. Well what do you know? It sure looks like another member of the old elephant gang has gone and bit the dust. Poor lil' Marco may just have taken his shot at POTUS and tossed it out the proverbial window. Unfortunately, one of the clowns from that gang will be on our ballots this November. I am really at the point of wishing they'd all run each other so far into the ground that it would just be the candidate from the donkey gang and all the third party candidates this November. Impossible I know, but, last time I checked it is still legal to dream in this country. How much longer dreaming will remain legal is anybody's' guess though.
    Thanks for another great photo of Tigger on Friday. I sort of took the day off from the net so no comment for that one.
    Have a good week.

  2. Sure, re: Tigger, and today I'm doing my own personal Mardi Gras -- having a holiday, not much of a party, just rest. I need it.

    Sure, it's only my opinion -- and hell, six months ago I thought Jeb! would be wrapping up the nomination at this point -- but I think Rubio's toast. There's the not ready part, but there's also the laughing-at-him-not-with-him part, and that's very difficult to overcome. Ridicule is a pretty powerful weapon. Hell, even Trump's crude approach did Jeb! in as much as anything.

    Well, I'm gonna relax tonight, read a bit, and get ready for the rest of the week. Hope you had a good day up there. Down here, it was sunny, but a bit on the windy side...

    Take it easy.