Thursday, March 24, 2016

Just Saying...

For all the valid criticism of Obama, or Clinton -- and plenty of the criticism is valid -- to their credit they've never gotten to the level of cheap professional wrestling/dick fight that is the modern GOP...


  1. Wow, Trump is a true asshat and very anti-women. Yes, the (not so very) "good old days" when 'men were men'….etc., etc., etc…… infinitum. What a miserable time that was. The wife/mistress and the kids were totally at the mercy (there was next to none of course) of a brutish asshole of a piss poor excuse of a man. Dad never was physically violent. I can still count on ONE hand the number times he hit me in my first 19 years. After that we only had our arguments. Dad loved to argue, he'd push me when I didn't want to argue until he finally got me sucked in. I did win one once though. Had my Machinist Handbook in the truck one Sunday when we were visiting him at his home. He was trying to get one over on me, I got my book (the machinists bible) and showed him he was wrong. If a fly had farted, you'd not have hear him say the I had won. I still laugh on that day. Must have been 76 or 77, but YES, I had finally won an argument with him!
    Cruz isn't much better. He may not berate women publicly as the Donald does, but ALL fundies, no matter what doG they buy into are just a bit 'kinder' than Trump. They believe in spousal/child abuse where it should be, at home behind closed doors. Yes, I have known more than a few of those asshats also. Trump is just a sandbox bully. Cruz wants to be, but he places how we see him first, he thinks he has pulled the wool over our eyes. Well, for some he has, so has Trump, just looking at how many morons attend his rallies tells you that.
    As to yesterday, holy crap. The Newtser wants in on the Trump wagon? Well, why not he would fit right in.
    Had computer troubles this week, so not many comments.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Glad your dad had some respect...that's really important, as is the case with myself (though of course different from your particulars)...but, anyway...the latest rounds of Trump/Cruz dick fight should be more than enough. No, neither HRC or even Bernie will fix the mess (Bernie would be stymied, HRC is part of the problem) but compared to the nonsense...Gawd.

    Well...was at a crawfish boil across the parish line (Livingston), so only a quick comment here. The boil was nice, though politics were avoided...that's how it goes. grateful for the invite, and as gracious as possible, I guess.

    Take it easy, have a good weekend.