Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ted Talks

To be fair, unlike Donald Trump, it's not a meandering expression of aggressive, authoritarian, racist ignorance...it's calculated authoritarian racism...and just as frightening.


  1. I never did look it up, but supposedly a Pope once upon a time said of a protracted battle; "Kill them all. God will know his own". Or; "Kill them all and let god sort them out". Yeah, more killing will 'solve' the previous killings, Bullshit!. Killing just gets us more killings, nearly ad infinitum.
    Maybe, not in my lifetime for sure (I can still wish though) some day the majority of humans will wake up and realize that ALL humans are of ONE race, the human race and we ALL need to get along with each other. It is so damn easy, just treat ALL others as you want to be treated. See, easy as pie. Oh, yes, I know, it isn't always so easy to actually do, but damn, we ALL must try or there will be nobody left. Well, supposedly the cockroaches will survive even a nuclear war.
    Hope your week goes well.

  2. I'll give Obama some credit today for calling Cruz out...admittedly, a call out based on official USA propaganda, albeit with some truth ... Obama said Cruz's own father fled the kind of society Cruz is advocating...and yeah, there's some proof of that (I include as proof the first-hand account of a friend who's actually visited the island)...that said, it's not as if Cuba's not been subject to ongoing and constant harassment from, well, us. So...hard to be overly critical of what for the Cuban government is no small matter of simple survival.

    Anyway...I think I've mentioned this before, but I'll repeat: we're not going to kill our way to ... name it, freedom, safety, security ... we can kill our way to more killing to the point of genocide or mutually assured destruction, but neither is a "choice" I think merits any serious consideration. But tell that to the wingnuts, eh?

    And while I of course understand that contextual meaning of "kill them all," (don't know the origin -- have heard several ideas...maybe I'll go check in a bit)...well, "kill them all" in a literal sense would be...all...so much for humanity.

    One thing I've mentioned on and off to friends in the course of conversations about various things: humans really haven't demonstrated any sort of long term survival advantage, at least when you measure beyond, oh, a single lifespan, or the course of history...or even our time on earth as our present species. A couple of hundred thousand years is a pretty small blink by geological or even cosmic time. Sure, in that blink humans as a species have done some rather remarkable things...which gives me hope. Too bad egotistical con artists like Ted Cruz are doing their utmost to fuck it all up...

    Take it easy.