Friday, March 04, 2016


Forget if he was attacking me or just grooming my arm...either way, a good Friday picture.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Great photo.
    I had a male cat, Buster, when I was living out near the community of Melder. It is around the old military camp. Cannot remember how to spell it, Claiborne(???) Also too old/lazy (mostly lazy today, shopping day this afternoon) to look it up. Any who, he loved to scratch and like my left forearm until it bled a bit, then he'd "clean it off", as in lick the blood. He wasn't mean, just had a thing for doing that about two or three times a week. Unfortunately, some stray, untagged and loose, dogs killed him. I called the Glenmora sheriff and asked if dogs were allowed to run loose like that, the woman said no, I replied, great, next time they come after one of my cats I would shoot the damn mutts. Yes, even after nine years that incident still hurts. Buster was a good cat. He liked to curl up in my lap when we surfed the net after supper. The other cats were also great friends, but he was the only one who enjoyed the "grooming" of my left arm. Funny, never the right arm and only near the wrist to about half way to the elbow. Cats, can't figure them at all, must be why I like them so much.
    Hope you have a great weekend. The weather should be fairly decent.
    Thanks again for sharing another photo of Tigger.
    Oh, on my Word Press blog, the link to "my photos" goes to my fotki site and the album "Friends" or is it friends I have known/had? Any way, there are some photos of the last cats I shared a home with.

  2. So, thanks for the my photos recommendation. I'll go take a look.

    Had decent enough weather around here to get the outdoor chores done on Saturday, then more indoor work yesterday. Slowly but surely...

    As for cats, the guy I had before good and still missed Tigger was a big fella -- also an orange Tabby, but maybe some Maine Coon mixed in. He wasn't fat, just big: 15 pounds. A real good guy that I lost in 2007 (at least the neighbor responded to my posters. He ended his life in a little courtyard across the street. I think he really liked hanging out there, and it was a great place for a cat to hang out -- he's buried there, with the same neighbor's permission). Anyway, that guy never groomed me. Ever. Cats are like that: idiosyncratic. But that's one reason why I like them.

    Sorry to hear about Buster. Sounds like a good fella himself, even if he did tear into you. Both of my guys would give me scratches and occasionally draw blood...but hey, that's what cats do...

    Well, back to stuff here. Am a bit tired for some reason today. Might turn in early.

    Take it easy.