Thursday, April 07, 2016

Bat Boy Goes Out For Coffee, Ends Badly

Florida Governor Bat Boy, a/k/a Rick Scott, didn't get coffee after all, at least not at that particular Starbucks. He did get a lesson in constituents' opinions/what democracy looks like...


  1. Good for her. This should happen to more elected officials. If they don't like the feedback, they should get another job, like maybe picking up trash along the highways, cleaning up dog poop in the parks, etc..

  2. Hell, yes. I saw today the Scott PAC put out a You Tube smear "ad" on the person, who is apparently a former Palm Beach County employee, not that it makes any difference. They also claimed she's a self-described anarchist who refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance at meetings...which, in my book, is a plus.

    I'm not naive, ok, not that naive, but at least in theory it's still government of, by, and for the people, i.e., self government. We get some cool rights: freedom of speech, religion...or not...assembly...we get to own a gun...we don't have to quarter soldiers (3rd amendment, if I remember, most don't, and sure, it was probably more relevant when ratified), the whole unreasonable search and seizure thing (conveniently forgotten by the wingers when they're not actively gutting it), and so on. Most states have their own versions...

    Self-government also means the federal constitution, they're outlined in the Preamble, expanded a bit in the body, and you've even got the old Necessary and Proper Clause, which is kind of a catch all...the founders weren't dumb. Anyway, in my book, the responsibility is to, if not create a more perfect union (like it explicitly says) then at least it's to keep a stable civil society...and general welfare/domestic tranquility is just as important as establishing justice and the common defense. Duh.

    The wingers have been trying like hell to make folks forget...well, probably since forever, but certainly since 1964 (Civil Rights Act) if not 1954 (Brown v. Board of Education)...if not 1865 (Appomattox)...I've got a picture somewhere, you can probably find it on the's Lee's surrender, with the caption "Ya Lost!"

    Anyway, have a good weekend. Should be pleasant around here. A little on the chilly side, but that's ok by me.