Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Handed Out Strongly, For Penalty And Repentance*

Donald Blankenship...with a twelve month sentence



  1. All I can add is this quote from an August Spies, labor activist, Haymarket martyr; " Laws are cobwebs for the rich and chains for the poor". Haymarket riots in Chicago late 1890's I believe. The Haymarket mess is part of the US history, but I am certain you knew that.

    About that place just East of Louisiana, you wrote about it yesterday. According to another blog I read most every day, that law they now have also allows say an atheist, gay person to refuse to serve a fundamentalist xtian. I'd love to see that happen as you know with 100% certainty that said xtian will raise holy hell over it. Yes, the law they have is total crap, but it also may be a huge Pandoras' box with many unintended consequences for more than just gays and other supposed minorities. Payback is a bitch. Or as we used to say in the Marines in Vietnam, retribution is incest.
    'Merikkka, what a country. Damn, I really do want to be upbeat but it is nearly impossible of late. Oh, thanks for the link to the Dylan song.

  2. I'd be ironic if an atheist did that...of course, most atheists are pretty tolerant of even the fundies...and unfortunately the fundies get come up with all kinds of excuses to justify violence "in the name of the lord."

    Believe it or not, I did actually hear about the Haymarket (police) riot in history class. Not the police part, though, or the agent provocateurs, or the long history of thuggery in the name of "order." Lots of ink, though, about Carnegie, Ford, and others who "made America great." Yeah, easy when you've got goons beating up workers for the "crime" of wanting a living wage.

    But ain't that the story of America, over and over again. Like you quoted, "cobwebs for the rich, chains for the poor."

    Take it least the weekend's almost here.