Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Coming In Last Place

The Magnolia State, as always...meanwhile, North Carolina had apparently decided imitation is the highest form of flattery.


  1. Yes, there are some very disgusting asshats in various state and federal office in this country. Will some of the states ever get to the 20th century? Asking them to join us in the 21st is too much of course.
    Still reading about the "Panama Papers" mess. Looks like a large number of folks tried very hard to hide their monies. Well, paying taxes is just for us worker bees after all.

  2. Yeah, the Panama Papers are just more proof...and what's sadder still is that a fair swath of the public will pin their hopes on a charlatan like D. Trump, who, if he's NOT involved, isn't for a lack of trying. Nope, just a lack of connections.

    Of course, that same swath of the public thinks their time will come as well -- maybe after they win the PowerBall...can't win if you don't play (can't win if you do play, too, but that's kind of lost).

    Well...guess I'll go listen to some Merle Haggard stuff. Didn't much care for Okie From Muskogee when I was young, but I guess I didn't catch the irony...am a little better now. I do very distinctly remember reading a quote of Mr. Haggard saying he was more free getting out of jail in the early 1960s than the average person of the early 21st century/post 9/11 world. Not too far off the mark.

    Take it easy.