Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cue Up The World's Smallest Violin

And let's have it play a song for Ted Cruz.



  1. AWWW. Poor lil' Ted. Well, we used to rub a thumb against the forefinger, called it the worlds' smallest violin playing the worlds' saddest song. Oh hell, I won't even bother myself to do that for poor lil' Ted. He isn't worth my time.
    Good to see you back, hope your days off from blogging were time well spent.
    Really enjoyed the last photo of Tigger as well. Cats, they always look so comfortable no matter what odd position they get into. It may say in doG we trust on our monies, but for myself, I always trust in cat.
    Take care of yourself.

  2. Thanks. Took a brief vacation/trip out of town, Boston if you'd like to know. It was fun, visited a good friend, and enjoyed the city. Now back to the routine.

    As for Tigger, yes, he was quite adept at what you describe. He knew how to get comfortable alright. Still wish he was here. The travel is nice, but I'd trade it back without hesitation.

    Today's post, by the way, is, well, because it will be topic of conversation. Might as well. As I note, I obviously knew who Prince was, and even like several of his songs...wouldn't call myself a big fan. But, if he helped shape The Rude Pundit in any way, good. Hope he did the same for lots of other people.

    Take it easy.