Thursday, April 21, 2016

Top Story

I listened to Prince -- of course -- and liked his music. I definitely remember seeing/listening to Controversy for the first time.

Wouldn't say I was a big, big fan...but The Rude Pundit was, and what he has to say is reason enough to note his passing. Damn. Rest in Peace.


  1. Sad that Prince is gone. I wasn't much of a fan of his. He was quite young, only 57.
    Nobody can deny that the man was a force in music.
    Glad your time off was good. Yeah, those cats really get to some of us.

  2. Yeah, re: Prince. Maybe I didn't listen much, but I liked that he was, well, badass...he did things his way, authorities be damned. That alone is enough to appreciate him.

    Otherwise, am a bit tired and ready to rest this weekend...after chores. Have a good weekend, take it easy, hope the weather's nice up there. It's going to be good enough down here to fire up the grill...