Friday, April 22, 2016


Have a good weekend.


  1. Thanks for sharing another great photo of Tigger.
    I'm planning to enjoy this weekend. May go out for a short time, do some bits of shopping, but mostly just take it real easy. Worked more than we figured we would today, so time to kick back, plus racing on the TV this weekend.
    Hope you have a good weekend Michael.

  2. Thanks, hope your weekend went well. Over here, I managed to get the lawn mowed, and even fired up the grill. Good. Now I've got food for a while.

    Today's picture/post, re: the tag team from hell/total desperation, says it all: again, if the tables were turned and the Democrats were in this degree of disarray, the corporate media chatterers would likely be talking about whether an election was even necessary. But...they'll carry water for Trump, Cruz, or whoever might slither into the nomination (and it won't be Kasich) it goes.

    Anyway...hope you week goes well.