Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Troll With A Teleprompter

Not surprisingly, he's just as bad with one as when he speaks from...well from wherever he's speaking from (definitely not from the heart).


  1. Oh please. Any semi sane human being has to know without any doubt by now that only the Donald is first, all others are a very distant second at best.
    I like that part about how as POTUS he would be unpredictable and yet consistent. Unpredictably consistency? Is that something real? Consistently unpredictable sounds plausible. Also, seems to fit trump quite well, better than that hair he insists on wearing all the time.
    The Chinese place we had supper at this evening had CNN on the TV in the dining area. Yes, they should not mix their good food with that trash, but they own the place. Any who, the wife who was facing the TV told me that the orange man was crying about how the party was messing itself up or something close to that. Yeah, a senior moment here…..LOL. Well, I don't care what the orange guy is crying about now or before, he was part of that gang and is responsible for what it is today. Ain't karma a bitch?………LOL.

  2. I think the best comments I saw/heard were...he's like a sixth grader repeating the stuff his wingnut dad yells at the TV, or...just a stale rehash of Pat Buchanan's own rehash of Charles Lindbergh's America First stuff...which we all want to forget about, given Charles' all-too-cozy relationship with the Reich... know, Donald's own rhetoric.

    Anyway...ran down to NOLA for the Jazz Fest today. Got rained on pretty heavy, but eventually things cleared enough. And...really the first Jazz Fest I've been to with that happening, it goes. Laws of averages, and whatnot. Also can cross that off my bucket list: a deluge at the festival. At least I was prepared (raincoat), so it was just a bit uncomfortable...but worth it to see Elvis Costello and several others.

    Take it easy.

  3. Oh, so hope you don't mind the raincheck post. It's a literal raincheck...