Friday, April 29, 2016


I kept that chair much longer than I would have otherwise...he loved to sit on it, when he wasn't clawing it to shreds.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Thanks for another great Tigger photo. I'd have kept the chair also.
    Glad you had a fun time at the music fest. I'd like to get there someday if possible myself. I like most every style of music, but Dixieland bands were among my top favorites way back when I was younger. Honestly, I was young…….once, a very, very long time ago. I grew up on 30's/40's swing, the Big Band Era music. Dad liked that and when we got a TV, we'd always watch the Dorsey brothers show on the old black & white set. Saw Elvis on that show for the first time ever. Dad made his pronouncement of his act; "That will be the LAST time you ever see that guy on TV." Well, next week he was back on the Dorsey show. I knew better than to tell Dad he was wrong. Hey, even a just barley 10 years old I didn't have a death wish. That came along about age 18-19, then I enlisted in the Marines. Damn near got that "wish" a few times while in Vietnam.
    Well, try and stay dry for the weekend. Our forecast calls for rain starting Saturday (maybe even late tonight) through Tuesday.

  2. Yeah, the rain was heavy through this afternoon -- so it goes -- but I got motivated early enough Saturday to mow the lawn. Good. Off my list until next Saturday (assuming decent weather, knock on wood). It's really not a big chore -- an hour or so to do it right, half that time to at least meet the specs...

    As for music, maybe a little later than actual Big Band, but if your tastes run towards blues/jazz/torch, Meschiya Lake is worth a listen. Once the deluge turned manageable on Thursday we waded over to the Blues Tent and caught part of her set. OK, waded might be a bit much, but a pair of shrimp boots might have been a good investment that day.

    Don't mind Elvis -- never a big favorite, but I can appreciate what he meant. And...despite some pretty obvious personal demons (shaking Nixon's hand and offering his "services" as a narc while simultaneously addicted to prescription meds his lunatic agent hooked him on, for example)...he at least was always aware of and publicly grateful to the various musicians and artists who helped make him...especially the black ones. Good. Good also that he helped loosen up a way, way, way overwound and repressed era.

    Too bad the loons who embody that overwound/repressed era thought it'd be a great idea to get involved in a land war in Southeast Asia...and then deliberately hid the fact that it was unwinnable. I've mentioned before that I almost felt sorry for Robert S. McNamara in the Fog of War movie...until I remembered it was damn easy for him to be remorseful from the comfort of a movie studio.

    Still a touch better than Rumsfeld, who isn't even that. But being better than Rumsfeld is a pretty low bar.

    Anyway...back to stuff here. Hopefully a slow week. Take it easy.