Monday, April 25, 2016

Another "Worst Tag Team Ever" Takes On Trump

And, as expected, it's not exactly a match made in heaven. Duh. But even if they manage to stymie The Donald, it's not like they'll reap much by way of benefit...


  1. To be really honest, one almost (operative word here is almost) feel a small bit of compassion for the old elephant gang. The thing is, they did this to themselves. I have zero compassion for myself, my lung problems were self inflicted. See, nobody forced me to smoke tobacco and for 50 years I enjoyed 19 out of every pack of 20. Honestly I did and that is part of why it was so difficult to quit. OK, I admit I was hooked on the nicotine and still use an e-cigarette, but quit smoking over a year ago.
    As to the arthritis, well, that isn't my doing. As far as I know, which isn't all that far (it's a joke) arthritis may be genetic or at least some born with thing. I was told once by an orthopedic surgeon that any time they operate on bone/joints, you have an increased chance of getting arthritic.
    We may see the elephant gang implode. Now, if the donkey gang would do the same, maybe we could have real choice among a greater number of true political parties as many other so-called democratic nations have and have had for a long time. For the US of A to only have two "major" political parties is a very sad joke, on us.
    Well, May Day is coming soon, so; workers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose except your chains. Yeah, old Karl Marx was a wimp, not radical enough by half. Oh man, the older I get the more of a radical "lefty" I seem to become.
    Have a good week young man.

  2. Hear you on the nicotine (lozenges now...mostly). As for the GOP, reap what ye sow. And they've sowed one monster sized plot of myths, with a side helping of good old fashioned hate...

    No, the Dems really aren't much better, but, as I've said, I'm willing to settle for some incremental change...because one, I'm pretty sure the real powers aren't going to let go without a lot of bloodshed, two, I don't think the side I'm pulling for is quite ready for that...and three, by the time the dust settled, lord knows what sort of depraved autocrat/oligarchy would be running things. know the old science fiction plots where something happens and the main characters find themselves in the alternate, dystopian universe? I'm beginning to wonder if the dystopian one is where I've been dropped into... the interest of not having it get even worse, I'd settle for some very minor changes, especially since real progress will take too long at this point anyway...damn.

    So...back to the grind over here. At least the weather's nice for another day or so around here. I read/heard the Midwest is getting hammered...again. Welcome to the future.

    Take it easy.