Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Trump Holds A Press Conference

As you might expect, it did not go well.


  1. Thanks for the Friday photo of Tigger.
    Hope you had a good holiday weekend.
    Wow. So the Donald finally has a press conference then blows up like a cheap balloon and calls some reporter a "sleaze"? Well, holy crap. I mean, who would have possibly seen that coming? Oh, right, any semi sane human being with more than one functioning brain cell is who could have seen this train wreck months ago.
    Really like how he claims to "not want the credit" for his fundraising event. From the comments in the link, the outfit he used to raise that money is a one person show and had lost its tax exempt status a year ago. Hey Donnie, where DID that money go?
    Oh dear, if he reads that last question I just wrote he may throw another tantrum. Poor lil' feller.
    Face it, Trump is not just a loud mouth bully, he is a cowardly loud mouth bully. If nay this country had a half way decent (read real) press, they would be on him like white on rice. (See how I kept that last bit polite?) Wanted to say stink on………well, you know the rest.
    To think this clown actually thinks(does he ever?) he can be POTUS. Amazing the ego he must have.

  2. Funny enough, there are times when I think the elite press could use some solid criticism...but a ... hmmm... what was it? WATB (whiny-assed-titty-baby) ... yeah, I think that's it...a WATB like Trump is in no position to complain or criticize. Thus far, he's gotten the freest of free rides.

    Though, and I guess that's my little point/post today, Trump's minions don't care or give a shit. I guess they're still furious that the black fella was President for eight whole years and the country didn't go to all hell, which kind of undercuts a central element of their, for lack of a better term, "thinking." So, they'll double down even further, from Reagan to Bush (Senior and Junior, but mostly Junior -- Senior's usually forgotten because of the whole read-my-lips thing)...and now Dipshit, who manages to make Bush Junior almost look statesmanlike. They're not going to be happy until they've pissed into a wine glass in the White House East Room...and then used the same glass for target practice.


    Anyway...yeah, am still thinking of good old Tigger -- had someone ask me about him today. Not having him around is, well, not nearly as nice as having him here. So it goes.

    Take it easy.