Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Teflon Donald?

Not really, according to Matt Yglesias...and I'm inclined to agree. What I think is the case is that Trump voters will vote Trump regardless (even if he shoots he said some time back). can't change their fuck 'em.

Besides, they're NOT the majority.

So...get your own voters out and defeat him. No, not a cakewalk, but not impossible either...


  1. Granted I stay away from "news" sites like New Yawk Slimes (NYT to most people) and the Wishington Post(script) among others such as the US TV network "news" programs. Hell, I even quit the BBC which used to be half way decent and don't even check the Canadian CBC very often now days. The thing is, those news sites I do check daily or even those I check every other day almost always show this sort of "odd faced" photo of the Trumpster.
    Any who, I really like how you made him look plastic. Excellent photoshop work Michael, outstanding. Yeah he IS plastic and while he did say he could shoot/kill some person on 5th Avenue and still not hurt for votes, most polls show hi unfavorable rating in the US to be in the high 50% range. One poll had is highly unfavorable rating in the mid to upper 40% range.
    Now, personally, I detest Hi-Larry and while I'd like to join the Bernie revolution (it really is NOT any sort of revolt) I cannot get past the editors at Black Agenda Report who have called out Bernie as a sheepdog many months ago. Yeah, when Bernie fails to get the nomination he will tell his supporters to vote for her. Well, I read an article the other day that said his supporters will tell Bernie where he can take that "advice" and where to stick it. Man, I hope that author was right. Yes, I know you prefer her to Trump, hell even I would, and old Rude has stated quite clearly he will vote for her if she gets the nomination. Sorry, but I cannot join you folks on this. I will vote for the Greens opt some other minor party candidate. Damn, I sure do wish the Peace and Freedom Party was on the Louisiana ballot. Should have stayed in SoCal. I did hear from another blogger who lives in the Bay Area, near Oakland/San Francisco, that they are still on the ballot there.
    Well, Dad taught me to not argue politics or religion, so I'll just end by saying it is your vote, pick the person you want to vote for and do it, I'll do the same and we can try and stay friends. Hell, I enjoy your posts too much to let this damn fool crap that is being passed off on us as an election to ruin that. Also, I really like the old Cat blogging days and enjoy every photo of Tigger you share.
    Take care and stay dry. Had a good rain storm here this afternoon with more predicted over the next few days.

  2. Well, Trump wins Loosiana [sic] without even sweating, so I don't have problems with people voting their conscience. A colleague at work intends to do the same, well, assuming it's still a cakewalk for The Donald down here come November.

    Myself? Well, if for some odd reason -- maybe Trump violates the Edwin Edwards rule and gets caught in bed with "a live boy or dead girl" -- I still think he'd win the State, but if it's close and possibly counts, I'll hold my nose and vote HRC. Otherwise, who knows? I don't have much use for the Libertarians...I did vote for Nader in 1996 and 2000 but only because neither vote mattered. Bill was comfortably leading in Wisconsin and Bush Junior had a lock down here.

    In 2004 for some weird reason I thought Kerry might make a play here...I remember saying hello and shaking his hand at a rally Blanco held for him at the Mansion. But he lost worse than Gore. Should've known.

    But...I still am cautiously optimistic that he loses the electoral vote. And if I could deal with eight years of Obama, I doubt a second Clinton would really be different. Obama himself wasn't that different from Bill, much as he'd hate to admit it. Well, they couldn't catch him skirt-chasing, I guess that's different, but policy-wise? Nope.

    And to repeat yet again, at this point even IF someone like Sanders got in -- and could somehow overcome the brain-stem thinking opposition -- it's too late to reap any real benefit from a progressive agenda. Just a small, or maybe not so small example: a consortium of interests just completed a high-speed train tunnel in Switzerland. Eventually it'll be part of a larger network that will move people and freight from the North Sea to the Mediterranean. Great project. Took 17 years. On a continent that appreciates transit.

    Won't happen here...and damn if we couldn't use some transit. If nothing else, it might help New Orleanians -- or other Gulf Coasters -- evacuate during hurricane season, instead of the contraflow nightmares. But...nope. Even though we could.

    Goddamn... some rain earlier, looks like the weekend will be a wash. Win some, lose some. But I've got stuff to keep me busy...stuff I should do...and stuff I like to do (read). We'll see what wins.

    Take it easy.