Thursday, June 02, 2016

Falling Into Line

Well, that didn't take long...


  1. As if any human in the US with more than half a functioning brain cell could not have seen this coming? Party unity? More like they don't want to have a monster break up out in the view of us peons is more like it. I still think the party bosses hate Trump with a passion. Well, tough cookies folks, you made this happen. That elephant gang with their "wondrous" religious reich followers need to re-read that holy book you all go on and on about. In particular that passage that mentions reaping what you sow. Yeah, I am trying to be nasty, thy earned it, and then some.
    Hope you don't get too wet this weekend. Our forecast, for what it's worth says we may get light rainfall up to and maybe including Monday. Ah well, weather, all we can do about it is talk about it.
    Have a good one. Cheers.

  2. You're right, they do hate Trump, but they're stuck with him. And waiting in the wings is Ted Cruz. Hell yeah, they're reaping what they've sowed...and they sowed a giant plot of toxic shit. It's going to hurt.

    But...the shit they've sowed is still enough to hurt the rest of us. The base has just enough functioning brain cells to do whatever they can to make us all as miserable as they are...

    Anyway...yeah, rain through the weekend. Could be worse -- they were saying heavy rain/flash floods, but so far...nope. Just a steady drizzle for the most part. That'll suck next week cutting the grass, but I'll deal. Meanwhile, I'll try to make progress on some indoor things.

    Take it easy as well...