Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I Hear Greenland's Even Better In The Off Season...When There's Fewer Tourists

Another record summer in the far north.


  1. Record high temps month after month, but don't worry folks, the politicians say that global warming is not happening.
    Late reply to your post of yesterday, I am wearing my "Team Internet" T-shirt today in celebration. Of course this victory is not set in stone and can be over turned by a higher court/big money. Hey this is still 'Merikkka where money rules. Yep, the 'Merikkkan version of the golden rule is; those who have the gold make the rules.
    Any who, hope your week is going well. Take care.

  2. Forgot to add that the inter webs are full of cats.

  3. Indeed, money still rules, so net neutrality isn't a done deal yet, but it sure is nice to win one now and again. And, ok, the politicization of the Supreme Court...but I think they still have to pay a bit of lip service to the written opinion. And the written opinion is good, arguing that the internet is akin to a phone or electricity.

    Um, yes, even hell yes. Amazing I lived...hmmm...about half my life without it...and I was an early adopter...sometime in the early 90s via the good old U of Wisconsin. At the time I was so naïve I thought my floppy disk installer package, which was labeled with DoIT (Department of Information Technology) was some sort of Nike-like slogan, i.e., do it, go online!

    Otherwise...yeah, global warming is going to be THE issue of the future. Alas, or thank heavens, or both, the US is a big enough bully to, well, bully their way into less suffering than others, but that'll be a relative scale. And damn if I wouldn't like to see the reaction of some rich creep when they realize that global warming doesn't give a rat's ass about personal wealth. But that bit of schadenfreude is offset by the real pain the next generation or so will deal with. Oh, they're going to be pissed at us. And no amount of 'but I tried' will really matter. Well, so it goes. I tried.

    Take it easy. The heat's settling in over here. Hope the rain holds off enough to mow the lawn.