Monday, June 13, 2016

Some Changes To The Trump Troll Doll

An angrier expression, and hair/skin color more true to form. Same stubby little fingers, though.

In keeping with his ugly fear mongering in light of the Orlando tragedy.

What a creep.


  1. First a comment on the newest version of the Trump troll. Great work Michael. I really like the way you make his face look plastic. The stubby fingers are a nice touch, pun can be intended or not, your choice. As to what he said about this mass killing, well, I don't give a rats hind end what this clown says about anything. Nope, non, nada, nothing he says or will say is of any matter to me. This moronic clown, apologies to honest moronic clowns, is not worth my time to listen to or to read his comments.
    While this latest mass killing is an honest tragedy, stop and consider this, the POTUS has his own kill list. He and his close advisors go over it each week to "decide" who on that list gets hit this week. Holy hell, and we made a huge fuss about old Nixon having his enemies list for crap sake. Also, while I admit the killing of 50, some reports say 49, dead IS a tragedy, that is less than one days worth of our (ig)Nobel piece prizident and his killing via drones/ special ops types. Oh, but of course "we" are just killing brown skinned Arabs/Iraqis/Syrians/Libyans/etc.. I suppose those people don't count for much. Bullshit! They ARE our fellow human beings. I get so damn sick of little cowards like Trump and his deferments, he must be best pals with Mr. 5 decrements Cheney. They both skipped out of the Vietnam war because they "had other priorities". Well as I have stated many times before on my own blogs and in reply to other writers, my Marine buddies and I had our own priorities when we were in that damn Vietnam war. Ours were rather simple, just to get back home alive.
    By the way, Trump is the product of immigrants. In truth, even the supposed Native Americans didn't just spring into being from the ground of this continent. They came across the Bering land bridge or by some other route. They just got here a very long time before any Europeans is all. My maternal grandfather came into Boston harbor on a sailing ship as a teenager from Germany. My other grandparents either came from Germany as young kids/teenagers or were the first of their respective families to be born in the US of German parents. By Trump "logic", if I were to get an assault rifle and kill 50 or more fellow citizens, I suppose he'd call all Germans terrorists. What a maroon the guy is. Stubby fingers and all.
    Yeah, I did rant on today, but this asshat gets me pissed off. Well, the elephant gang made his run for POTUS possible, I hope they are happy and proud of themselves. They made him, they deserve him. Come November, in my opinion, the voters have zero choice. Lying war monger or lying war monger with a dress. Maybe I need some time off.
    Hope your week goes well. Take care young man.

  2. Yes, I'm aware of the kill/hit list and holy shit if there was such a thing as a divine being and afterlife we'd all have some things to answer for, with even actual ignorance of that being no excuse...

    Many more people are probably, well, kind of like me...the moral equivalent of the old expression "good Germans," with all the irony that suggests. My excuse? Not much of one, but with my choices being bad or worse, I'll take bad. There's no way you'd get better. Not even with Sanders. Hell, not even with Corbyn.

    Having Trump as the "alternative" just makes it even more crystal clear. If there was a god, she's quite obviously hands-off, as if the 20th century didn't somehow provide proof enough.

    Anyway...even with all that, I try to keep some sort of hope. As a kid, I was enough of a smartass to read Albert Camus, and not just The Stranger. There was another one of his called The Plague (and plenty of essays). Anyway, in The Plague, the protagonist insisted on trying despite the odds approaching total futility. Why? Because he decided he had to.

    Made sense to me then. Makes even more sense now.

    What doesn't make sense is, well, pretty much anything Trump or the GOP stand for. You can't kill your way to peace anymore than, to be mildly raunchy, fuck your way to chastity.

    Well, otherwise, kind of took the day off today -- good decision on net neutrality from the courts. Now, if only you'd get a decent Public Service Commission to license a decent public utility to provide a decent internet service at a fair price...but that's a pretty big rock to push up a big hill. Camus wrote about old Sisyphus, too...

    Take it easy.