Thursday, June 16, 2016

Look Who's Shredding

OK, I lied -- not literally shredding. But only because with emails, you delete instead.


  1. While in looking back, though my memory mazy be a bit off (old age and chronic pain), most of the elections for POTUS (if not every other elected office) in the past few decades have been quite nasty, this one in 2016 has to have stooped to even lower lows than ever before. This has been one of the most, if not THE most, vile, mean spirited campaign ever. The way Trump ripped into his fellow elephant gang members alone was amazing to me. Even dear (my ass) "saint" Ronnie was of the opinion that the 11th commandment was to NOT degrade fellow elephant gang members. Well Trump isn't a "real" member of that gang so I guess he can do as he wants. Not that any commandment would stop his ego any who.
    One old saying does come to mind regards this link, you know it I bet; the one about those who live in glass homes and the trowing of stones. Yeah, smooth move there Donnie boy. Hey, maybe some musician can change the name of the song I never really liked to Donnie boy. Yeah, I never have cared at all for the original song "Danny boy". Maybe the pipes are calling for Donnie boy Trump. The sewer pipes that is. Why not? His campaign has been living in the deepest, most vile sewer from the start.
    Well, I suppose next January we will coronet queen Hi-Larry after all. Not sure who I'll vote for for POTUS now. The Greens are in love with capitalism, so they can go take a flying leap at the moon. If only the Peace and Freedom party were on the ballot here. Should have stayed in SoCal.
    Have a great weekend. Yes, the heat has arrived and summer doesn't officially start yet. Just hope we do not get huge hurricanes in the Gulf. Last one was 2008.

  2. Oh, it's going to be an ugly campaign. Saw the first general election ad from Trump recently -- a kind of sad attempt to tie HRC's comments about email to ... Bill Clinton's comments about Monica Lewinsky.

    That said, the public saw through the Lewisnky nonsense back in the day -- yeah, Bill was and probably still is a hound dog. I wouldn't be surprised if the still sealed DC Madam phone list has him (along with our erstwhile Sinator Vitter)...but that's his personal business.

    I also don't care about HRC's email...hell, I don't even know what the scandal is -- deleting email? Bullshit: if you know what you're looking for (i.e., not out on a fishing expedition), you can find never goes away (ask Ollie North). Didn't delete enough? One word: Wikileaks. If that hasn't dragged the country down, the HRC email server won't.

    Trump's own email issue just underscores the hypocrisy. He really is a sociopath. The Charles Manson of presidential candidates.

    End of rant.

    Yeah, hope I can get the grass cut tomorrow. Almost went and took care of it after getting home...but the hell with it. Was surprisingly busy for a Friday over at work. If it rains tomorrow, then it rains. The hell with it.

    As for storms...yeah, the 2008 hurricane knocked out the power for several days...ugh...the one in 2012 knocked out power for only a couple of days, but I'm getting older and crankier. I don't want to lose power. I've got a generator, but hope I never have to use the damn thing.

    Take it easy.