Monday, June 06, 2016


Nah, probably more just a preview, but previews, um, preview upcoming events...and I get the feeling there's going to be quite a bit of buyers remorse if/when things like this recur.


  1. OK, I had a minor surgery on my sinus area this morning so I may have misread the links. Correct me if I am wrong here, but it seemed to be saying that Trump wants his supporters to "go after" reporters who question his positions/etc. and don't bow down and worship Her Donald. Also, according to said Herr Donald, all who question him are racists? Does that apply only to reporters who question him? If it applies to any of us, well then according to Herr Trump, I must be a racist. Funny but the people around this apartment complex where I live who have darker tans/skin color than I do usually at least say "hi" to me and I have made some actual friends here who also have nicer/darker tabs than I ever will. We seem to get along OK and none of us seem to be in any way racist. Oh, wait, I bet that the Donald is using a dictionary from the no out of business Trump University. The dictionary where. as in the classic "Alice in Wonderland" and/or "Through the Looking Glass" "words mean what I say they mean…….". OK, NOW this old guy is starting to begin to sort of understand things.
    And so it goes………
    Have a good week

  2. Sorry about the surgery. Hope that went as well as it could. And...well, someone I know had "minor" sinus surgery some time back that turned into major surgery thanks to mistakes by the doctor. Mistakes, but...thanks to Loosiana law, not malpractice. Was quite the hassle for said friend.

    Anyway, yeah, The Donald thinks he can bluster his way through the general election campaign the way he trampled and mowed down the assorted nits in the GOP. Best of luck. If he's in a hole, toss him an extra shovel, if he's in the water, hand him an anvil...or anchor, if an anvil isn't available.

    Today he tried to walk this back with a "reasonable" statement almost certainly written by Paul Manafort, who gives off the air and appearance of a low rent and maybe family friendly Bob Guccione. But it's not going to work.

    Sure, Trump gets about 40 percent of the vote, assuming Gary Johnson and Bill Weld fizzle like Libertarians tend to do come crunch time. Not bad, considering. But 40 percent won't cut it, and Trump's got enough ego to react badly. It'll be interesting, especially if/when he pulls a stunt like this next fall.

    Sure, not much of a win for the good guys -- HRC. But watching the wingers cringe and flee the monster they created will be ... a small victory. And I'll take anything I can get.